Every day we get in life is a blessing, and New Year’s is especially unique in that sense. It brings an opportunity to reflect on what you’ve accomplished and what you’d like to change. Whether it’s large or small, all resolutions are significant. We’ve gathered 7 New Year’s resolutions specifically for seniors, from a change in the outlook of life to health and wellness goals. Setting resolutions is a great way to remind us that even as we age there’s always something to learn and always an opportunity to grow.

 Try Something New: Trying something new can be a simple as making a new friend, learning a new game, or going to a place you’ve never been before. Taking the time to put yourself in new and unfamiliar situations can be an incredible learning moment, not just with that you’ll learn about you new adventure, but what you’ll learn about yourself.

 De-Clutter: Throughout life, we tend to accumulate loads of stuff. Holding on to some of it can increase the quality of life, such as bigger items that you use daily, or things from you past that bring you lots of joy. But most likely there are buckets and boxes of things in rooms of your house that no one has looked at in years. These things create a sense of clutter and lack of space, which can be stressful to look at and maneuver around. This year commit to freeing your space of unwanted and unused items and bringing a sense of clarity to your living space.

 Practice Forgiveness: Conflict is inherently stressful, grudges and slights might seem like the easier route, but when it’s taking up you’re mental space and affects your day-to-day mood it can get overwhelming. Forgiving others for past digressions can help in relieving a lot of mental angst. This year choose to reflect on who you haven’t forgiven and why, if its something you deem to be forgivable, take the step, be the bigger person, and choose to practice forgiveness.

 Challenge Yourself: Mental and physical challenges motivate us to grow, learn, and give us goals to set and new exciting adventures to look forward to. Improving mental strength through word games and reading can improve memory. Physical challenges motivate us to change our lifestyle for the better, become healthier, and can help with feelings of anxiety and depression. Talk to your doctor about physical activity that’s right for you, set a goal and then work with them to create a plan to gradually and safely reach your goals.

 Embrace The New Age: Today’s world is run by technology. The thought of spending lots of time and effort learning these new technologies can be daunting, but it can lead to a higher quality of life. Taking the time to learn how to better use your phone or computer can help bring you closer to your family and loved ones through video calls, and social media. It can also give you access to lots of useful everyday activities like reading a eBook, ordering groceries, or even scheduling appointments. There are even online support communities for people with certain medical conditions, or who are caring for spouses with chronic physical or cognitive conditions.

 Keep Laughing: Many seniors find themselves in an unfamiliar place, with new people, and a daily routine they are not accustomed to. Don’t let that take away your joy for the little things in life you hold dear. Take the time to find the things that make you happy and make it a priority to keep them in your life, whether it’s a funny movie, friends, books, or a comedy.

Share Memories: You’ve lived an incredible and long life, with lots of stories and lessons to share. Take the time this year to capture them in a lasting way, whether written or recorded on audio. Engage with your loved ones, recruit them to help you immortalize the lessons and wisdom you’ve accrued over the years. If that’s not something you’re interested in think about making a scrapbook or album of memories that you can pass down.

 Remember, you don’t have to only make a resolution on January 1st. Any day is a good take to make a positive change in your life. If making a new resolution will improve your life, isn’t every day the right day?