With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it is a perfect opportunity to show your aging senior some extra love. Here are a few ideas about how you can make them feel special on this holiday of love.


Let Them Choose the Activity
When planning an activity for your senior, let them make the choice. Even if you have an idea of what they may like, ask them and make sure that they have the final say. If they want to take a drive in the country or watch a movie at home, then go with their wishes and enjoy whatever it is that they pick out!

Send Them Something Special
Surprise your aging senior with something special! Whether it be flowers, candy, or any other token of love, your senior will appreciate it and feel so loved. You can even send them a card if you’re not able to spend time with them on Valentine’s Day. A heartfelt note letting them know how much you care will be sure to put a smile on their face.

Show Your Appreciation
No matter what you do for your senior this Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to express your appreciation for all that they do for you year-round. They will likely appreciate hearing all that you have noticed about their hard work and dedication more than any gift or activity!

This Valentine’s Day is a great chance to show your aging senior just how much they mean to you by letting them choose their own activity and surprising them with something special. Most importantly, remind them of all that you appreciate about who they are and what they do for you every day! Celebrate this day of love in style by spending quality time together and expressing gratitude. That way everyone will come away feeling loved and appreciated!